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Thierry Palermo

Deep Offshore

Thierry Palermo - Exploration Production - Total

Thierry PALERMO, Deep Offshore Program, Flow Assurance Project Manager


Thierry Palermo has been an R&D project manager with Total since 2009. Having obtained his PhD from the prestigious Pierre and Marie Curie University in 1988, he joined IFPEN (the former French Institute of Petroleum), where he began his career working in the oil sector. After several years as a research engineer in various fields (emulsions, wettability, lubrication, etc.), he headed an R&D project on methane hydrates. He culminated his period with IFPEN leading the Physics-Chemistry department, and then the Flow Assurance business unit. At Total, Thierry Palermo serves as a specialist working in Chemical Production. He is director of the Flow Assurance project which forms part of the wide-ranging Deep Offshore R&D Program. One of the areas in which he works involves modeling multiphase flows and processing organic and mineral deposits, particularly those caused by methane hydrates and paraffins.



  • Before his current role heading the Flow Assurance project as part of the Deep Offshore R&D program, Thierry Palermo was responsible for production chemistry studies within the framework of several projects in their design phases – including CLOV and the Total Uganda project.



Thierry Palermo has authored or co-authored roughly 70 publications. Around fifty or so are to do with Flow Assurance, including his recent work on paraffins (wax) and hydrates:

  • Sheng Zheng, Mohamed Saidoun, Khalid Mateen, Thierry Palermo, Yiyu Ren, H. Scott Fogler, Wax Deposition Modeling with Considerations of Non-Newtonian Fluid Characteristics; 26914-MS OTC Conference Paper – 2016;
  • Thierry Palermo and Ceric Tournis; Viscosity Prediction of Waxy Oils: Suspension of Fractal Aggregates (SoFA) Model; Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 2015, 54 (16), pp 4526–4534;
  • E. D. Sloan, C. A. Koh, A. K. Sum, A. L. Ballard, G. J. Shoup, N. McMullen, J. L. Creek, and T. Palermo; Natural Gas Hydrates in Flow Assurance; book published by Elsevier Inc., 2011.

Thierry Palermo has also worked with R. Camargo from Petrobras on developing a rheological model for hydrate suspensions which is today considered seminal in its field: R. Camargo, T. Palermo; Rheological Properties of Hydrate Suspensions in an Asphaltenic Crude Oil; Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Gas Hydrates, 19-23 May, 2002.

Deep Offshore

Flow Assurance: a Sensitive Issue for Any Oil Project