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Thierry Schuhler



Thierry Schuhler, Architect of Energy Efficiency


Thierry Schuhler joined Total in 1982 and has held various process, R&D, operations and project-related positions in Petrochemicals, Refining and Exploration & Production. He has worked in refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants and affiliates and at headquarters. Now a field development engineer and energy specialist, he also takes part in the cross-functional Energy Efficiency R&D Program. Thierry is a graduate of ENSCBP, part of the Bordeaux INP network of engineering schools, and the IFP School.



  • Construction of the cogeneration plant at the Gonfreville site and integration of that plant into the Normandy complex (project leader).
  • Refining & Petrochemicals: Energy expertise (audits and revamping studies).



  • Former Normandy Regional Delegate to ATEE, the French energy and environment technical association.
  • Former contributor at the INSA engineering school in Rouen (Energy/Propulsion Department).
  • Former lecturer at the IFP School (Energy & Processes program).



DIESTA: Optimizing Efficiency During LNG Liquefaction