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Vincent Jaffrezic

Drilling & Wells

Vincent Jaffrezic - Exploration Production - Total

Vincent Jaffrezic - Senior Well Testing Specialist

After graduating in Engineering (INSA Toulouse), Vincent began his career in 2001 at Auxitrol, working on the development and manufacturing of sensors for the aeronautical industry. He then worked on production optimization and well productivity studies for our Dunbar and Kharyaga fields as a consultant.

He finally joined Total in 2003 as Well Performance R&D Engineer, where he was in charge of developing a new well testing method for multilayer reservoir (WTPL). After various placements as Reservoir Engineer, both in France and overseas (Angola and Algeria), Vincent was named Geosciences Project Leader for the Alwyn North field (United Kingdom).

He has held his current position since 2014: as Senior Well Testing Specialist, he has been responsible for well test design, acquisitions, interpretations and synthesis.



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  • Valiullin, R., Sharafutdinov, R., Ramazanov, A., Sharipov, A., Nizaeva, I., Badetz, C., & Jaffrezic, V. (2017, October 16). Investigation of Temperature Field in the Formations by Hydraulic Fracture. Society of Petroleum Engineers. doi:10.2118/187748-MS
  • Rohmer, B., Raverta, M., Boutaud de la Combe, J.-L., & Jaffrezic, V. (2015, June 1). Minifrac Analysis Using Well Test Technique as Applied to the Vaca Muerta Shale Play. Society of Petroleum Engineers. doi:10.2118/174380-MS
  • Boutaud de la Combe, J.-L., Jaffrezic, V., & Loizel, H. (2013, March 26). Dynamic Characterisation of a Chinese Fluvial Tight Gas Reservoir. International Petroleum Technology Conference. doi:10.2523/IPTC-16882-MSG.
  • LeBlanc, E. Gunasan, J-L. Boutaud de la Combe, V. Jaffrezic, “Reservoir Characterization Using Injection Test After-Closure Analysis in a Depleted Oil Reservoir”, 2010, SPE 128052
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  • Foucault, H., Charles, T., Fulton, J., & Jaffrezic, V. (2005, January 1). Coupling Complex Multiphase Pumps Surface Constraints to Reservoir Models for Optimising the Future Management Plan of a Mature North Sea Field. International Petroleum Technology Conference. doi:10.2523/IPTC-10859-MS

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