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Vladislav Lesnikov

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Vladislav Lesnikov, Borehole Seismic specialist


Vladislav Lesnikov holds a PhD in Geophysics from Ufa State Petroleum Technological University (Russia). He also holds an Engineering degree (equivalent to an MSc) in Computer Science from Ufa State Aviation Technical University (Russia). Vladislav has 16 years of experience in the borehole seismic domain. He started his career in 2000 as a software engineer developing VSP acquisition software at the Russian service company BNGF. He held different positions in the Borehole Seismic department at BNGF before moving to Baker Hughes in London in 2007 where he served as a senior geophysicist until 2010. In 2010 Vladislav joined Saudi Aramco as a senior geophysicist in the Borehole Seismic group. Since the end of 2013, he has been the senior Borehole Seismic geophysicist of Total based in Pau, France.



  • As a part of the MTG/TTP team, Vladislav is responsible for operational support with VSP acquisitions, performing feasibility studies, carrying out in-house processing for the most critical VSP jobs, and supervising feasibility and processing projects performed by contractors. He has recognized expertise in borehole seismic data processing and VSP field acquisition support. During the last few years, he has been instrumental in several successful VSP operations, particularly in foothills (Bolivia, Iraq and Papua New Guinea) and subsalt (Angola) environments.
  • Apart from operational support, Vladislav is actively involved in Borehole Seismic R&D studies, including PITs on Pore Pressure Prediction and Distributed Acoustic Sensing. He is one of the main players in the technically challenging hi-end time-lapse 3D VSP project for the Kaombo project in Angola.



  • Vladislav is an author of more than 20 papers on borehole seismic processing techniques and applications. He is a member of EAGE and SEG, and has been actively involved in organizing EAGE Borehole Seismic workshops for the past four years.

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