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Subsea to Shore Gas Fields: Cost Reduction

Le 3 avr 2017 par RIVIERE Luc


Co authors: MACKINNON David, MARPLE Andrew Barry, TOSI Guillaume


In the present-day low gas price environment, the development costs of small gas fields in Deep Offshore locations must be reduced, in order to keep them economically viable.

For these small Deep Offshore gas fields, the subsea to shore scenario is often the only economic solution, as the reserves are too limited for a stand-alone offshore facility development.

The development scheme for such marginal fields can either be a conventional one (i.e. by using proven subsea technologies and proven production strategies), or an innovative one – installing new subsea technologies, using subsea processing and implementing alternative production strategies that rethink the distribution of facilities between subsea and onshore.

Through a gas field example, this paper examines the impact on development costs of an innovative hydrate management strategy (continuous injection of LDHI Anti-Agglomerate instead of MEG); innovative production strategy (such as subsea pigging); innovative subsea technologies (such as all electrical technology); and subsea processing (such as subsea chemical storage and injection).

This paper shows that a combination of alternative production strategies and new subsea technologies can significantly improve the economics of gas fields, and their associated onshore plants, in the Deep Offshore environment without jeopardizing HSE performance or production availability.



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